Wind Point Lighthouse
Racine, Wisconsin

Several lighthouses have called Racine home, but none is more synonymous with the nautical heritage of the “Belle City” than Wind Point. Always a beehive of activity, the Wind Point Lighthouse is one of the larger lighthouse complexes on the Great Lakes, and a hardworking keeper, two assistants, and their families made their livelihood here. For over 125 years, the tall stately tower has faithfully stood guard, shining its bright beam out over Lake Michigan nightly. Countless mariners relied on the Wind Point Lighthouse, along with a booming trademark foghorn for safe passage. Today, the Racine Lighthouse and Maritime Preservation Society, a non-profit organization, provides quarterly educational programs for the public aimed at preservering the legacy of not only the Wind Point Lighthouse, but all of Racine's lighthouses and rich maritime history. Learn more about them here.

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